About Us

Unified People is a headwear and apparel brand based out of Los Angeles, CA. With values rooted in philanthropy and conscious consumption, Unified People’s mission is to amplify the power of the collective and do more good in the world.

We design thoughtfully-made silhouettes with bold graphics that inspire and appeal to all lifestyles. We keep production local and knit, cut, sew, and dye all of our products in Los Angeles. With each of our collections, we donate a portion of profits to causes we believe in. 

For our first Born in LA collection, our team has partnered with Advancement Project California, an LA-based organization focused on addressing issues of racial equity. To learn more about Advancement Project California, visit their website at https://www.advancementprojectca.org/

As a brand, Unified People strives to question traditional methods, uncover people and projects in need, and cultivate a sense of community. We aim to unify people everywhere, all for the greater good.



Unified People, 3005 S. St Francis Drive #264 Santa Fe, NM 87505